S/Y Svanholm

This quality cruiser – rigged for blue-water sailing – is perfect for people who want a safe and timeless boat for sailing in home waters or on expeditions to other destinations.

This example being number 109 is from 1998 – a time when there still were produced yachts with quality in mind. The yacht has had one previous owner and is top-maintained with indoor winter storage and professional care.

The Frers designed Hallberg-Rassy 42F was built during 1991 – 2001. A total of 181 hulls were built.

The Swedish Yachting Magazine På Kryss & Till Rors, says:
»Exquisite finish and every detail is well thought out. This boat elicits your confidence from the pervading grid structure at floor level, the lamination of hull and deck, rig, how the keel and rudder is secured to the least little detail on deck as well as inside.
Behind each Hallberg-Rassy boat stands a craftsman, who personally tests every piece of equipment on extended trial-cruises, before taken in to production. Such attention to detail is unusual in boat building, but it shows. We keep looking but there is nothing to criticize…
Our conclusion is, that designer Germán Frers’ entry to Ellös has resulted in boats that combines the best from two different worlds. The irreplaceable feeling of fine craftsmanship, the unbeatable living standard aboard is still there, as well as the secure feeling of a full-keeled boat with excellent sea-going qualities, especially in rough weather. We have found a whole new idea of cruising yachts realized in this boat….The Hallberg-Rassy 42 makes you feel safe and secure. You may feel like sailing anywhere, anytime, in any weather«.
The Hallberg Rassy 42F is a much sought after blue-water cruiser and a very desirable live-aboard not often seen on the market, as their owners tend to hold on to them!